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stillmild said: How did you end up working in your museum job?

I wish I could say that I came from a museum studies or natural sciences background, but I fell into my museum job by chance. For a few years after college, I worked in a university setting facilitating community engagement opportunities for students. I worked exclusively with k-12 schools coordinating tutoring and mentoring programs. My university position was grant funded & the end of the grant that funded my position happened to coincide with an opening at the education division at the museum that required intimate knowledge of area school districts. It’s my job to coordinate the museum’s relationships with area schools, so I’m responsible for every sticky-fingered school kid who comes in and out of the museum!

If this series of software meetings goes well, a lot of the more time consuming elements of my job (data entry! Reporting! More boring stuff!) will be automated & I’ll be able to transition into some more big picture work, which I would love. My museum is currently on the precipice of a massive transformation project and it’s basically the most amazing and exciting time to be working here, but the work I’m doing right now is not always representative of how fun it can be to work here.

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